About Us

We're finding in these busy times when every minute seems to matter more than ever, that not enough people are prioritising their own personal well being. Numerous studies tell us that health and fitness are not only important for our physiques, but also our mental and emotional health. A-game players invest time in themselves because they KNOW the importance of keeping their energy high and their minds humming. Yet so many of us find it difficult to take the time to build these positive habits that'll benefit us for life.


VP Sports is incredibly passionate about spreading wellness, energy and vitality. Recognising the many demands on our plates today, we bring fitness to you. We make it possible to regain control of your health and wellness in an efficient, fun, and convenient environment - in the comfort of your own home or private space. We go to YOU to make it possible to become fit and healthy in body and mind.


We believe life is for living on your own terms. So we're making it that much easier to get there, to make it happen.