Yoga for Kids

The Yoga for Kids initiative is one of the most popular offerings at VP Sports. Kids today really benefit from these classes, leaving them feeling grounded and focused. Classes are for all ages from 4yrs and above. 


Singapore Polo Club: Click here to register (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)

Classes Start September 3rd

The British Club: Contact to register (Members Only)

Classes Start September 14th

ONE15 Marina Club: Contact to register (Members Only)


•Ladybug Yoga (4-6yr olds) – A fun beginning to yoga: introducing a range of shapes, animals, and games to keep the class fun and educational for the kids!

•Buzzy Bee Yoga (7-9yr olds) – Continuing on from the fun of Ladybug classes, these classes deliver engaging animal and shape games meshed with the introduction of  some deeper poses and focus challenges. A stepping stone to connecting mental and physical wellness.

•Leapfrog Yoga (10-12yr olds) – These classes teach kids a range of new postures and breathing exercises, developing focus and discipline while delivering benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Each class ensures age appropriateness and is gentle on children to facilitate a stress-free, fun yet educational environment. These classes aim to strengthen children’s foundations while imparting mindfulness, which has been proven to help children both in school and socially, for a well-balanced life.

Benefits for your child

  • Calming of body and mind

  • Increased attention span

  • Improved posture and alignment - preventing future difficulties

Interested? Contact us for further information and sign ups